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Health Hints



     1 Corinthians  3:17 
If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.

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  Counsels on 

        Diet and Foods     

    PG  236

   Foods Especially Injurious to    
 Children   (1890)


    It is impossible for those who give the reins to appetite to attain to Christian perfection. The moral sensibilities of your children cannot be easily aroused, unless you are careful in the selection of their food. Many a mother sets a table that is a snare to her family. Flesh meats, butter, cheese, rich pastry, spiced foods, and condiments are freely partaken of by both old and young. These things do their work in deranging the stomach, exciting the nerves, and enfeebling the intellect. The blood-making organs cannot convert such things into good blood. The grease cooked in the food renders it difficult of digestion. The effect of cheese is deleterious. Fine-flour bread does not impart to the system the nourishment that is to be found in unbolted-wheat bread. Its common use will not keep the system in the best condition. Spices at first irritate the tender coating of the stomach, but finally destroy the natural sensitiveness of this delicate membrane. The blood becomes fevered, the animal propensities are aroused, while the moral and intellectual powers are weakened, and become servants to the baser passions. The mother should study to set a simple yet nutritious diet before her family.



 Health l

Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.   3 John 1:2 

God wants us to have good health, so He has given us health laws to follow in order for this to be possible.

Fresh Air

Open the windows and breathe deep.


Daily exposure to sunlight will strengthen

the immune system with Vitamin D. 


Daily exercise outdoors is best.


Eight hours of sleep at night.

Proper Diet

Fruits, Nuts, Grains, & vegetables
as simple as possible.  No eating
between meals.  Regular hours
with five between.


Proper use of water inside and
outside the body.  6 – 8 glasses


Abstaining from all that is harmful 

& moderation of that which is good.

Trust in God

Continual connection with The Lord.

He will help us make right choices.

In Leviticus 11 The Lord tells us in
detail what to eat and what not to eat.

These are a few of the verses.

 11:4  Nevertheless these shall ye
not eat of them that chew the cud,
or of them that divide the hoof: as
the camel, because he cheweth the
cud, but divideth not the hoof; he is
unclean unto you.

 11:7  And the swine, though he divide
the hoof, and be cloven footed, yet he
cheweth not the cud; he is unclean to

 11:8  Of their flesh shall ye not
eat, and their carcase shall ye
not touch; they are unclean to

 11:9  These shall ye eat of all
that are in the waters: whatso-
ever hath fins and scales in the
waters, in the seas, and in the
rivers, them shall ye eat.

 11:10  And all that have not fins
and scales in the seas, and in
the rivers, of all that move in
the waters, and of any living
thing which is in the waters,
they shall be an abomination
unto you:

 11:13  And these are they which
ye shall have in abomination
among the fowls; they shall not
be eaten, they are an abomination:
the eagle, and the ossifrage, and
the osprey,…..


Health ll

 A merry heart doeth good like a medicine. 
Proverbs 17:22

Even though happiness is a key factor in having a good life, we need to make progress in how we live.  So when we learn a better way we should make strides to head in the right direction to improve our conditions.

Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?  If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.
1 Corinthians 3:16,17.

     Spalding and Magan Collection    PG  47
     The idea of eating dead flesh is abhorrent to me.  One living animal eating the flesh of another animal is shocking. There is no call for it.  All your excuses made in regard to faintness is an argument why you should eat no more meat.

     Cancer, tumors, and all inflammatory diseases are largely caused by meat-eating. From the light which God has given me, the prevalence of cancers, and tumors is due to gross living on dead flesh. I sincerely and prayerfully hope that as a physician you will not forever be blind upon this subject. For blindness mingled with a want of moral courage to deny your appetite, to lift the cross, which means to take up the very duties that cut across the natural appetite and passion.    The juices and fluids of what we eat passes into the circulation of our blood, and as we are composed of what we eat, we become animalized.  Thus a feverish condition is created because the animals are diseased and by partaking of their flesh we plant the seeds of disease in our own tissue and blood. Then when exposed to the changes in a malarious atmosphere, these are more sensibly felt. Also when we are exposed to prevailing epidemics and contagious diseases, the system is not in a condition to resist the disease. I have the subject presented to me in different aspects. The mortality caused by meat-eating is not discerned. If it were, we should hear no more arguments and excuses in favor of the indulgence of the appetite for dead flesh. We have plenty of good things to satisfy hunger without bringing corpses upon our tables to compose our bill of fare. I might go on to any length upon this subject, but I will forbear.

Counsels on Diet and Foods  PG 388, 1897 
     The meat diet is the serious question. Shall human beings live on the flesh of dead animals? The answer, from the light that God has given is, No, decidedly No. Health reform institutions should educate on this question.  Physicians who claim to understand the human organism ought not to encourage their patients to subsist on the flesh of dead animals. They should point out the increase of disease in the animal kingdom. The testimony of examiners is that very few animals are free from disease, and that the practice of eating largely of meat is contracting diseases of all kinds,– cancers, tumors, scrofula, tuberculosis, and numbers of other like affections.

Manuscript Releases Volume Seven  PG  421
      A very serious objection to the practice of meat eating is found in the fact that disease is becoming more and more widespread among the animal creation. The curse because of sin causes the earth to groan under the inhabitants thereof, and every living thing is subject to disease and death.  Cancers, tumors, diseases of the lungs, the liver, the kidneys, all exist among the animals that are used for food. Until late years we have never heard of anything approaching to the variety of diseases now apparent in the animal creation. It is stated that out of a herd of twenty cattle, the inspectors accepted only two; from another herd of one hundred, only twenty-five were accepted as having no apparent disease. The only way to avoid contracting disease from the use of flesh meats is to discard them altogether. Persons will do this much more readily if they have an intelligent knowledge of the dangers that attend the eating of the flesh of dead animals.

  Healthful Living   PG  105
     Pulmonary diseases, cancers, and tumors are startlingly common among animals. It is true that the inspectors reject many cattle that are diseased,but many are passed on to the market that ought to have been refused. . . . Thus unwholesome flesh has gone on the market for human consumption. In many localities even fish is unwholesome, and ought not to be used. This is especially so where the fish come in contact with the sewerage of large cities. . . . The fish that partake of the filthy sewerage of the drains may pass into waters far distant from the sewerage, and be caught in localities where the water is pure and fresh; but because of the unwholesome drainage in which they have been feeding, they are not safe to eat.    Jan. 19, 1895.   

Testimony Studies on Diet and Foods PG 174

     I have been instructed that flesh-food has a tendency to animalize the nature, to rob men and women of that love and sympathy which they should feel for every one, and to give the lower passions control over the higher powers of the being.  If meat-eating were ever healthful, it is not safe now.  Cancers, tumors, and pulmonary diseases are largely caused by meat-eating. . . .

Healthful Living    PG  183

    Cancers, tumors, and inflammatory diseases are largely caused by meat eating. . . . Flesh diet cannot make good blood.  Nov 5, 1896 .

Manuscript Releases Volume Fourteen PG 297

      Eating the flesh of dead animals was permitted by God because men were determined to break down every rule or regulation in order to gratify perverted taste. But if an appetite for this diet is cultivated, serious diseases will be the result. The evidences of the curse that came upon the earth because of sin, abound everywhere. The whole creation was involved, and today animals languish under this curse. Disease prevails among them to an alarming extent. Cancers and tumors are very often seen. The tissues of the swine are peopled with living creatures; and yet this living mass is eaten and relished by men and women. Tubercular consumption is communicated by the practice of meat eating, and thus disease is extended.

Manuscript Releases Volume Fourteen PG 326
     Since coming to this country, I have made inquiries concerning the condition of animals that are killed for the market, and I have learned that whole herds were slaughtered when not more than one in twenty were without disease. Pulmonary diseases, cancers, and tumors, are startlingly common among animals. It is true that the inspectors rejected many of the cattle that were thus diseased, but many were passed on to the market that ought to have been refused. Inspectors and herdsmen, I am told, have entered into confederacy in this matter. Some inspectors say, “This herd or this flock will pass. Leave me this or that sheep, or this or that steer.” Thus unwholesome flesh has gone on to the markets for human consumption.

Testimonies for the Church Volume Two PG  63

      Will the people who are preparing to become holy, pure, and refined, that they may be introduced into the society of heavenly angels, continue to take the life of God’s creatures and subsist on their flesh and enjoy it as a luxury? From what the Lord has shown me, this order of things will be changed, and God’s peculiar people will exercise temperance in all things. Those who subsist largely upon flesh cannot avoid eating the meat of animals which are to a greater or less degree diseased. The process of fitting animals for market produces in them disease; and fitted in as healthful manner as they can be, they become heated and diseased by driving before they reach the market. The fluids and flesh of these diseased animals are received directly into the blood, and pass into the circulation of the human body, becoming fluids and flesh of the same. Thus humors are introduced into the system.   And if the person already has impure blood, it is greatly aggravated by the eating of the flesh of these animals. The liability to take disease is increased tenfold by meat eating. The intellectual, the moral, and the physical powers are depreciated by the habitual use of flesh meats. Meat eating deranges the system, beclouds the intellect, and blunts the moral sensibilities.  We say to you, dear brother and sister, your safest course is to let meat alone.

Manuscript Releases Volume Two PG 143
      The salads are prepared with oil and vinegar, fermentation takes place in the stomach, and the food does not digest, but decays or putrefies. As a consequence the blood is not nourished, but becomes filled with impurities, and liver and kidney difficulty appear. Heart disturbances, inflammation, and many evils are the result of such kind of treatment, and not only are the bodies affected, but the morals, the religious life, are affected.


 Health III

  Counsels on Diet and Foods    
PG  339   Nov. 6, 1883

     Our tables should bear only the most wholesome food, free from every irritating substance. The appetite for liquor is encouraged by the preparation of food with condiments and spices. These cause a feverish state of the system, and drink is demanded to allay the irritation. On my frequent journeys across the continent, I do not patronize restaurants, dining car, or hotels, for the simple reason that I cannot eat the food there provided. The dishes are highly seasoned with salt and pepper, creating an almost intolerable thirst. . . . They would irritate and inflame the delicate coating of the stomach. . . . Such is the food that is commonly served upon fashionable tables, and given to the children. Its effect is to cause nervousness and to create thirst which water does not quench ….Food should be prepared in as simple a manner as possible, free from condiments and spices, and even from an undue amount of salt.

   Healthful Living  PG 93
        Spices at first irritate the tender coating of the stomach, but finally destroy thenatural sensitiveness of this delicate membrane. The blood becomes fevered, the animal propensities are aroused, while the moral and intellectual powers are weakened, and become servants to the baser passions. 

Counsels on Diet and Foods PG149

      The first great evil was intemperance in eating and drinking. Men and women have made themselves slaves to appetite. They are in-temperate in labor. A great amount of hard labor is performed to obtain food for their tables which greatly injures the already overtaxed system. Women spend a great share of their time over a heated cookstove, preparing food, highly seasoned with spices to gratify the taste. As a consequence, the children are neglected and do not receive moral and religious instruction. The over-worked mother neglects to cultivate a sweetness of temper, which  is the sunshine of the dwelling. Eternal considerations become secondary. All the time has to be employed in preparing these things for the appetite which ruin health, sour the temper, and becloud the reasoning faculties.