Health I










Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.

 3 John 1:2 

God wants us to have good health, so He has given us health laws to follow in order for this to be possible.

Fresh Air

Open the windows and breathe deep.


Daily exposure to sunlight will strengthen

the immune system with Vitamin D. 


Daily exercise outdoors is best.


Eight hours of sleep at night.

Proper Diet

Fruits, Nuts, Grains, & vegetables
as simple as possible.  No eating
between meals.  Regular hours
with five between.


Proper use of water inside and
outside the body. 6 – 8 glasses


Abstaining from all that is harmful 

& moderation of that which is good.

Trust in God

Continual connection with The Lord.

He will help us make right choices.

In Leviticus 11 The Lord tells us in
detail what to eat and what not to eat.

These are a few of the verses.

 11:4  Nevertheless these shall ye
not eat of them that chew the cud,
or of them that divide the hoof: as
the camel, because he cheweth the
cud, but divideth not the hoof; he is
unclean unto you.

 11:7  And the swine, though he divide the hoof, and be cloven footed, yet he cheweth not the cud; he is unclean to you.

11:8  Of their flesh shall ye not
eat, and their carcase shall ye
not touch; they are unclean to

 11:9  These shall ye eat of all
that are in the waters: whatso-
ever hath fins and scales in the
waters, in the seas, and in the
rivers, them shall ye eat.

 11:10  And all that have not fins and scales in the seas, and in the rivers, of all that move in the waters, and of any living thing which is in the waters, they shall be an abomination unto you:

 11:13  And these are they which ye shall have in abomination among the fowls; they shall not be eaten, they are an abomination: the eagle, and the ossifrage, and the osprey,…..