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We are a couple who live in the mountain
 village of North Bend B. C. Canada.  We
love the out of doors in nature and thrill
at the awesome glory of the flowers and
of the creations of our Maker. 

It is a wonder of amazing love that God
would think of us and forgive our sins
and make provision for our salvation. 
So this we want to share with others,
of our thanks and praise to Him.

We love to hear from you.

Richard & Joyce Weber




We no Longer live here for my husband, Richard, has died.






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Weber Wed


When we were young.




Glory to God






Written and sung
by Richard Weber


British Columbia –
Land Of Our Dreams


One hundred years, millions of tears,
Thousands of miles, acres of wild,
Mountains and streams,
Flowers and dreams,
Onward Ho westward,
Land of our dreams.


British Columbia,British Columbia,
God grant great peace to you,
British Columbia, British Columbia,
Land of dreams come true.

People and things, bird on the wing,
Men falling trees, ships on the seas,
Miners and millers,
Ranchers and tillers,
Westward Ho westward,
Land of our dreams.

Hopes for the future, dreams we must nurture,
Hand holding hand, over the land,
Faith in our brother ,
Love one another,
Westward Ho Westward,
The land of our dreams.



Climb The Highest Mountain

I’ll climb the highest mountain
And cross the widest sea
Just so long as my God leads
And shows me the way.

Today we begin a journey
Our God has called us to
To climb the highest mountain
And search the whole world through.

To find the lost and lonely
Searching for His love
This is the mission
My God points the way.

Come let’s take this journey
My God has called you too
To save the lost and dying
There’s something you can do.

Bring them salvation
That Jesus offers you
Fill their hearts with gladness
And yours will be filled too.



Cabin In The Wildwood

There’s a little cabin nestled in the wildwood,
Beside a stream that flows so crystal clear,
I used to wander down beside its pathways,
But that was in the days of yesteryear.

O’ if I could go back home I’d be so happy,
And wander down beside that crystal stream,
But somehow I know that I will never go there,
(last verse–But I know my Lord is coming back in glory)
So I’ll just trust my Lord to make it right.

I can still recall those days of early childhood,
Our family gathered ’round that simple board,
Daddy prayed and Mother sang so sweetly,
Our hearts were warm, we were of one accord.

Those days are gone and Mother’s hair is silver.
Daddy’s gone to rest and waits that morn,
When the clouds of heaven will all part asunder,
And together we’ll ascend to meet our Lord.



Eat The Fruit Care For The Vine

In the days of long ago, when God spoke
and it was so.
And the earth brought forth it’s glory all around.
In that eden garden fair, God did place a
lovely pair.
And He said. “Dominion now to you is


Eat the fruit care for the vine, let my love round all entwine,
Bring forth children ,fill the earth with joy
and peace,
This home here to you is given, as a sweet fortaste of heaven,
If faithful here with me you’ll always be.

O’ the days went by replete, full of joy and comfort sweet,
As that happy couple wandered far and wide,
keep together God had said, for you have a
foe to dread,
Adam keep your wife close by your side.

Oh this story would be sweet , but poor Adam fell asleep,
And Eve walked through the garden oh so free,
And ’twas on that fatal day, she did here the serpent say,
You shall not die, just taste and you will see.

Eve fell for the devil’s ploy,
Thinking she would have new joy,
And she said to Adam, “taste it is so sweet.”
But how great was their dismay, not a word could ever say.
And a warning here we surely must repeat.

Oh my friend you all must know, when
God Speaks it will be so, He changes not,
Nor does He ever sleep.
Won’t you now obey His call, for He is
the All in All.
Listen now His message I repeat.



Gather Round

Gather round and you will hear,
A story you’ve heard before,
About a wonderful Friend,
Heaven did send,
He loves every girl and boy.

He’s with you when you’re sleeping,
And He’s with you when you’re waking ,
And He’s with you when you’re playing every day,
He’s with you when your’re happy,
And he’s with you when you’re sad,
And He’s always listening to you when you pray.

Now tell me friend, do you know,
Who this song is all about,
It’s about my friend Jesus,
He’s always there,
Of this there is no doubt.

God’s Boundless Love
God sent His Son
The only One
He came to earth as our Saviour
In Him was love
God’s boundless love
As deep and as strong as forever
As deep and as strong as forever.

He was the Word
He made the worlds
By Him all things were created
He spoke in love
God sent His Dove
All heavenly Hosts were elated
All heavenly Hosts were elated.




God’s Heroes

Come hear our story
We’ll sing it to you
Some of God’s heroes
Faithful and true
When God did call them
Though some asked why
They trusted God
Even willing to die.

First there was Noah
Built him a boat
All the people round him
Said what a joke
But when those waters
Rose up on high
Those people drownded
And Noah was dry.

Way down in Egypt
On the banks of the Nile
Floating in a basket
Was a baby with a smile
Moses was his name
And a great man was he
God spoke from the burning bush
And set His people free.

Then there was Sampson
Strong man of old
Philistines did bind him
But no cord could hold
Sampson took a jaw bone
The temple pillars too
Called upon his God above
And thousands was he slew.

David was a young lad
A shepherd boy so free
Goliath he did challenge
Not afraid was he
By God’s name in heaven
I come unto thee
David cast his sling
And set his people free.

This is our story
We’ve sung it to you
Some of God’s heroes
Faithful and true
When God did call them
Though some asked why
They trusted God
Even willing to die.



God’s Little Children

I have a message for you friends
I want you all to hear
A message from the throne of God
‘Bout something He holds dear
It is His little children
Who are scattered far and wide
He says to you remember
There’s an angel by their side


And God says, Woe to any man
Who offends these little ones
It would be better for that man
If he had not been born
A stone was hung about his neck
And in the sea was tossed
Take warning you who do such things
You surely will be lost.

God says, “love my little children
I made them every one
Red and yellow, black and white
To run beneath the sun
I’m watching o’re them all the day
And through the long dark night
Mother, Father friend of mine
Make sure you lead them right.”

Remember now each one of you
The words of this song hear
You are one of God’s children
And He loves you each one dear
Bur from your evil deeds you must
Repent and on Him call
He’s promised to forgive and cleanse
And save you from your fall.
I Am Seeking That Land

I am seeking a land
That is made by God’s hand
And the people in that land are free
Where the curse is no more
We are safe on God’s shore
And with Jesus forever we’ll be.


Only those who are true will ever be there
Only those who from sin have been set free
It’s a land of the blest and a land of sweet rest
And it’s waiting for you and for me. 

From the prophets of old,
His story is told
Of that city
Where never comes night
And our Saviour is there,
We’ll be free from all care
And forever we’ll walk in His light.

So those gates will open wide
There God’s people will abide
We shall stand on that great crystal sea
Oh my friend hear His call
Won’t you give Him your all
It was His blood was shed for you and me.



I Believe

I believe, I believe, I believe I’ve read
I believe, I believe, I believe God said
Believe My prophet, obey My Word
Listen my children make sure you’ve heard
I believe, I believe I believe.



  I Have A Hope That Rises Higher

 I have a hope that rises higher
Than those clouds way up above
For the hope I have is Jesus
Precious gift of God’s own love
He has saved me from destruction
And claimed me as His own
He’s coming back in glory
I’ll see Him on His throne.


Yes I have a hope that rises higher
And higher every day
For the hope I have is Jesus
He is the living way.

Many place their hope in pleasure
In wealth and worldly fame
And the devil sits back on his throne
Laughs as he plays his game
But my hope is in Jesus
I praise His lovely Name
For ever and for ever
And ever He is the same.

This old world is growing older
And older every day
And like a moldy garment
It soon will pass away
But my hope is in Jesus
He’s coming soon I know
Oh give your heart to Him friend
For I know He loves you so.



It Must Have Been An Angel

The snow was falling swiftly
But I would soon be home
The road was kind of slippery
If I had only known
I sped on through the darkness
When suddenly the lights
Were pointing to the river
The road no more in sight.


O’ it must have been an angel
Who was standing by my side
It must have been an angel
Or I would have died
I know it was an angel
Who was walking by my side
He’s with me as I travel
Till I reach the other side.

This story is repeated
Around the world each day
A host of mighty angels
Our Father’s will obey
To save His precious children
Scattered far and wide
He’s promised to deliver
By the angel at our side.

Friend of mine take courage
You never walk alone
If Jesus is your Saviour
He’ll always see you home
Ten thousand times ten thousand
Are hastening to and fro
an angel’s always with you
No matter where you go.



Jesus Kept On Writing

They brought her to Jesus
Threw her at His feet
Cursing her uncleanness
It all seemed so complete
Moses says to stone her
For such an awful deed
And what sayest thou Master
But Jesus paid no heed.


Master are you listening
Show us now God’s will
But Jesus kept on writing
And friend He’s writing still.

Anxious for a verdict
Their voices pressed Him sore
Caught her in the very act
For judgment need we more
Looking at the letters
He’s written in the sand
If there’s no sin among you
Let him first raise his hand.

Looking at the letters
Those cowards slunk away
Jesus showed their hidden deeds
turned their night to day
Woman no man condemn thee?
“No man Lord, it is o’re”
Nor do I, my daughter
Go now and sin no more.

O’ my friend are you now listening
Do you really want God’s will
Well Jesus kept on writing
And friend He’s writing still.

Jesus Turned The Water Into Wine

In Cana town or old a wedding blest
When Jesus came to be the special Guest
And two have pledged their love to each
I’m thine
And Jesus turns the water into wine.

Yes Jesus turned the water into wine
When two hearts pledged each other
I am thine
And He will do the same for you
Let Jesus turn the water into wine.

Today another wedding here is blest
And we ask Christ to be the honoured Guest
And these have pledged their love to each
I’m thine
And Jesus turned the water into wine

Yes Jesus turned the water into wine
When two hearts pledged each other
I am thine
And He will do the same for you
Let Jesus turn the water into wine.

O Jesus turned the water into wine
When two hearts pledged each other
I am thine
And He will do the same for you
Let Jesus turn the water into wine
Let Jesus turn the water into wine.



Let Me Tell You Who I’ve found

Are you looking for a friend
who’s real true
Are you looking for someone
won’t leave you
Are you looking for more joy
than you’ve found
Let me tell you dear friend
who I’ve found!

I have found a Friend so true
Jesus is His name
He will ever care for you
Always he is the same
You can know that He’ll be there
Every time you breathe a prayer
Oh how much I know He cares
For you friend!

Are you wondering what this world
is heading for?
Are you trying to look behind a
closed door?
Jesus has gone the road
before you
Trust Him friend and I know
He’ll save you.



O’ Children Dear

O’ children dear, please gather near
There’s something I want to say
I want you to know I love you so
I want you to know today
God gave you to me
You’re precious see
God gave you to bless our home
And one day soon, O’soon ’twill be
O’ soon we’re going home.


With Jesus we’re going home dear ones
With Jesus we’re going home
O’ one day soon, O’ soon ’twill be
O’soon we’re going home.

O’ children dear, If shades of night
Fall ’round me ere we go
Doubt not, we soon shall take our flight
Yes, soon we’re going Home
Be faithful here, through smile or tears
With Jesus we’re going Home
Yes one day soon, O’ soon ’twill be
O’soon we’re going Home.



Our Father’s Love Is Like The Falling Rain

Our Father’s love is like the falling rain
Washing clean and bringing life again
Our Father sent His Son to Calvary
Washing there-my sins-
In His own blood He set me free.

Our Father’s love is like the falling rain
Washing clean and bringing life again
Oh friend of mine if you would be clean
Come stand with me ‘neath Calvary’s tree.
And He will wash you too.

Our Father’s love is like the falling rain
Washing clean and bringing life again
Our Father’s love is like the falling rain
Washing clean and bringing life again.



Take The Hand Of Jesus

I was walking down the road of sin and despair
And darkness swept over my soul
When a voice soft and gentle
Said friend take my hand
I will lead you safe to the shore.


Are you sinking in the water
Of sin and care
Take the hand of Jesus
He’s standing right there
He will draw you from the water
See you safe on God’s shore
Take the hand of the Savior today.

Jesus knows the road you traveled
He has gone that way too
Despised and rejected of men
But on the cross He gained the victory
His blood for your sins
My friend this story is true.



Thank You For Mom And Dad

Thank You Lord for Mom and Dad
Thank You for good times we’ve had
Being together, sharing Your love
Thank You for the joy and pain
Thank You for this time again
Being together, sharing Your love.

Thank you Dad for life and love
Thank you for a faith above
Watching over, all those running feet
Thank you for the gifts you send
And for all the hours you spend
Growing older, but sharing God’s love.

Thank you Mom for love and home
Thank you for a hollowed dome
Guiding our footsteps, ere we should roam
Thank you for the joy you shared
Showing us you really cared
Growing older, but sharing your love.

Being together, sharing God’s love



The Bright Morning Star

Well I know it’s been said
And I know I have read
In the sure Word of prophecy
Piercing through the dark night
From the city of light
   Is Jesus the Bright Morning Star.


Precious Lord take my hand
Lead me on let me stand
For the journey is weary and long
Guide me through this dark night
To that city of light
To Jesus the bright morning star.

Are you lost in despair
And it seems that no one cares
Lift your eyes to the bright eastern sky
Chasing darkness away
Bringing on eternal day
Is Jesus the Bright Morning Star.



The Hands Of A Stranger

I walked alone down a road,when a stranger
Who seemed to come from I know not where
He fell in step as we walked together
It was so good just to have Him there.

We traveled on in some moments of silence
When a voice full of comfort and peace
Said to me my dear friend are you troubled
Can I help can I bring some relief.

As I turned my gaze to this stranger
I noticed His out stretched hands
In those hands were the marks of a struggle
And I knew He was not just a man.

O those hands were the hands of a stranger
But those hands reached out to me
In those hands were the scars of the Old Rugged Cross
And those scars were there for me.

Yes those hands were the hands of a stranger
But those hands reached out to you
In those hands were the scars of the Old Rugged Cross
And those scars are there for you.



There’s A Story

There’s a story
And I’ve heard it told over o’re and o’re
Of a man who walked along Galilee’s shore
His name was Jesus
People loved Him,and they followed Him o’re
As He walked there
And talked there along Galilee’s shore


This same Jesus is calling to you today
Come walk with Me come talk with Me
My child I love you, Oh what will you say
Won’t you walk with Me along Galilee’s shore.

There were rich men
There were poor men, there were beggers too
All crying Dear Lord, what shall we do
Repent and be baptized is My message to thee
If the kingdom of heaven you surely would see.



This Thing I Know, Jesus Loves Me

O’ this world is so full of trouble
I know not the next step to take
But this thing I know, Jesus loves me
So I’ll trust and obey for His sake.

Sometimes the road before, so dark and stormy
Not one light ahead can I see
But this thing I know, God loves me so
And soon He is coming for me.

The trials of this life will be over
With Jesus I’ll walk hand in hand
And this thing I know, Jesus loves me
And for ever I’ll dwell in His land.

My friend, Christ is coming in power
Ten thousands of angels you’ll see
And this thing I know, God loves you so
O’ give Him your heart, won’t you please!



Join With Me

O join with me and sing a song
Of Christ my King the whole day long
He saved my soul and made me whole
I’m happy that’s why I sing.

You see my friend I walked alone
So cold and lost, so far from home
But He reached down and lifted me
I’m happy that’s why I sing.

Jesus will do the same for you
He is your Savior kind and true
Accept His love and you’ll be free
So happy that you will sing!